personal shopping experience

In a sea of choices, finding the right clothes to suit your body shape and personal style can be quite daunting. Our friendly professional personal shopping experience will help you to shop in confidence for clothes that suit your lifestyle and wardrobe needs.




"We care about people and we are passionate about transforming lives”


Style Lodge is a professional style consultancy based in the West Midlands. Our flagship consultancy offers personal styling, retail therapy and pampering services that are designed to rebuild confidence, boost self-esteem and improve health and well-being. Anyone can book our services and experience the incredible benefits that we offer.


Style Lodge is also home to the #Fashion4ACause campaign. As part of our social mission the #Fashion4ACause campaign works to support those faced with a challenging health condition or a difficult life experience that has affected their self-esteem.

We are a non-profit organisation so the money we make as a company is reinvested back into our local community. By booking one of our services you help to support the work we do with cancer survivors, full time carers, survivors of domestic violence, alopecia sufferers and anyone who is in need of a confidence boost. The #Fashion4ACause campaign adopts a holistic approach to improved health and well-being.


Style Lodge is the trading name of Do-Nation UK Project CIC. The name Do-Nation is a play on the word 'donation', with emphasis on the words "Do" and "Nation". It fosters the idea of a nation of people doing something positive to make a difference in their own lives and in the lives of others, caring for themselves and their natural environment.

Janet Eboh-Sampson (Founder)